Environment & Sustainability

Westhaven Marina has been independently assessed and certified as a Clean Marina since 2011 under an international accreditation system designed to encourage environmental best practice in all marina operations. The Clean Marina programme is an industry-led initiative developed by the NZ Marina Operators Association to encourage maritime users, including boatyards, contractors and boaties to play their part in protecting coastal and inland water quality. Clean Boating brochures are available from the marina office.


Here are 5 things that we are doing right now:

  • Raingardens have been added to the southern carpark, providing more natural filtration for stormwater. These absorb and filter contaminants before stormwater flows to surrounding ground, pipes, drains and streams, and eventually to the sea.
  • The LegaSea Kai Ika project team are introducing a mobile fish filleting trailer which will be stationed close to our public boat ramp and charter fleet. This will be manned during the busy summer months to collect fish off cuts that would have otherwise been discarded. 
  • A water tank will collect the rainwater from the roof of the new Marine Village. The rainwater will be used to flush the toilets in the building.


  • Planning and design is underway on a Healthy Waters project to separate the wastewater and stormwater networks in St Marys Bay to improve water quality in the area. The project, which is part of a joint Watercare and Auckland Council initiative, involves the construction of a new public wastewater network, and extensions to the existing network so it can be used for stormwater.
  • We have installed hydrocarbon filters in all the stormwater catchpits. EnviroPod filters have been inserted into the catchpits along the northern side of the marina to capture litter and other pollutants. These filters, along with the large devices under the carpark, are designed to reduce toxins entering the waterway.

Water Quality

Westhaven Marina manages a rigorous program of water testing. This enables us to pinpoint any areas of contamination and to look for trends. We are working collaboratively with other teams in Auckland Council to improve water quality in the short, medium and long term. 

Best Practice for Wastewater 

Westhaven Marina is a 'no discharge zone' and we have taken a hard line on any black water discharges from vessels into the marina. Sewerage removal facilities are located at U pier and Z pier. The Floating Dock service is also connected to reticulated sewage, enabling boat owners to safely clean their vessels in a convenient location.