Questions and Answers

Some of your questions, may be questions already asked by other people. Here are some of the common requests for information we receive about plans for development at Westhaven Marina.


With all the change and development, where will I park?

Like most inner city zones the world over, car parking space is under pressure. In many respects, we are fortunate, as a marina in a CBD location, to have as much space as we do. 

With the implementation of the Westhaven Plan, you want to know that you will be able to park within a reasonable distance of your boat. The Marina has tools - including yellow zones, permits, and time limits on white zones, to make sure that berth holders and their crew have priority access to the available space. Thanks to improved parking systems, in general we believe that access to Marina parking, is better now than it was several years ago. The next stage in carpark management may be a number plate recognition system, which will let you specify access for cars that are relevant to your boat.

We’ll keep you updated as time goes on, and we recommend that whenever you need a park for family or friends, contact the Marina Office and ask for a temporary parking permit. They are happily given.

If the public are using the marina more, will my boat be secure?

Westhaven has its own security guards patrolling the marina 24 hours a day, seven days a week. While the Promenade will bring more visitors to the Marina, Pier security and access by PIN code or swipe card, will be as robust as it currently is. The public won’t have pier access and we don’t anticipate that your boat’s security will be affected by the Promenade construction.


Why is the Marine Centre so important? 

It's crucial that boaties based at Westhaven Marina have access to chandleries and other marine services, in close proximity. With CBD land on the marina fringes being more in demand for commercial use every year, the only way we can make sure this happens on a long term basis, is by providing options for these businesses, on marina land. We don’t want to see a time where it’s necessary to drive to outer suburbs, to purchase necessary items for your boat, and that is something we fear if we don’t go ahead this development.

How are facilities being planned for that we need on a regular basis?

A mast gantry, fuel pier, tidal grids, floating dock, and loading dock have been built into the Westhaven Plan. There may be some disruption while work is underway but you will continue to have access to these facilities locally in the future. 

How are you catering for entry level berth holders?

We have revised our pricing structure to ensure that 8-10m berths, and pile moorings, remain realistic for most boat owners in this bracket. Addressing the needs of entry level boaties, is an important component of the Westhaven Plan. We are also only redeveloping only one section of the pile berth facility, which means that sufficient should remain for all existing occupants.

Will bicycle traffic on the Promenade make it difficult to access my pier gate? 

Boaties using K and L piers will be aware that the new Promenade passes close to their gates. With more visitors now using the Promenade as it nears completion, we are keeping a close eye on any safety issues that emerge on the ‘Share with Care’ path, particularly in these areas. We have already placed some ground markings to make cyclists and walkers aware, and further signage is underway. Please be reassured that ‘serious’ cyclists at speed will continue using Westhaven Drive, not the Promenade. Please make sure that you let the marina office know if you have any questions or concerns, as this will help us to monitor if there are any emerging health and safety issues in that area. 

Do you have a question?

Email, we are very keen to hear from you.