Electrical Connections

Like nearly all marinas in New Zealand, Westhaven Marina now requires that customers comply with WorkSafe standards with regards to marina electrical connections. 


These are detailed in a leaflet produced by the New Zealand Marina Operators Association which you can download here. 

There are generally two ways that you may connect:

1.    You may connect to shore power temporarily at Westhaven if your vessel has an eBox with current tag and test. A responsible adult must be on board while the boat is connected. 

2.    If you wish to connect to shore power and leave your vessel unattended, you will require an EWoF (Electrical Warrant of Fitness).



Westhaven will expect all connections to conform with the standards as described in this leaflet by Easter 2017 in order to continue to provide your berth with power.

There are a number of electrical service providers that can help install a shore power system for you, and provide you with an EWoF. A list of these is in our contractor’s directory.