Autumn update: construction and maintenance across the marina

General maintenance

As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance health, safety, and security at our marinas, we have recently completed or are currently working on the following tasks:

  • Security upgrade: We are replacing the 'push to exit' buttons with a new card reader system for exiting the marina gates. This upgrade will require you to either swipe your access tag or enter your pin code into the reader to exit your pier. Installation began in late April and is expected to take approximately two more weeks to update all the gates. Gate access will remain unaffected during this period.
  • Pier gangways: We have started installing aluminium mesh safety panels on our pier gangways. These panels are designed to eliminate gaps along the sides, effectively preventing children or animals from climbing through. Each gangway installation will take around three days, weather permitting, and will ensure that our gangways meet the highest industry standards (see image below).

During these upgrades, contractors will have a health and safety plan in place. Please exercise caution near work sites, follow their directions and signage, and use alternative gates and gangways.

  • Cleats upgrade: We have ordered 80 new stainless steel cleats to replace the older galvanised ones, with installation set to roll out over winter.

In addition to our regular maintenance schedule, the following activities have also been completed:

  • Replacement of underwater fibre optic cable
  • Engineers’ condition assessment of wharf edge fendering
  • Old blackwater piping has been removed to declutter the wharf edge

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during these upgrades.

Bascule Bridge bollards project completion

The Bascule Bridge bollards have been successfully replaced. The old bollards were malfunctioning due to wear and tear, causing partial retraction at times, which led to vehicle damage. They also posed a safety risk, as incomplete retraction could impede emergency services' access to Te Wero Island. The new bollards, which have undergone improvements and were successfully trialled on Hobson Wharf, have now been installed and are fully operational.

Vehicular access is once again available across the Bascule Bridge for berth holders to park on Te Wero Island. You can see a photo of the new bollards below.

Thank you for your patience during this project.